We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express from our customers worldwide via Stripe.


Klarna (pay now or later)

For our Norwegian customers we offer an additional option – Klarna. When selecting this option at checkout you can choose from these payment options:



Pay 14 days after you make the order. An invoice will be sent to your home address and you receive your swimsuit before you pay. Once you’re happy with the goods, you have up to 14 days – interest free – to pay by debit card or bank transfer.


Pay on .. [choose date]

An invoice will be sent to your home address. Pay 7 weeks after your purchase. 39 kr in setup fee. By choosing this option you’re also giving Klarna the right to carry out a credit check on you.

Example: An order of 699 kr, with a setup fee of 39 kr, interest rate 0% and payment in the beginning of June, has an effective interest rate of 91,84%. Total credit price 738 kr.



Pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Credit card fees may apply.



This is a payment plan where you decide the pace on your payment. Pay from 95 kr/month. You can pay the full amount at any time.

Example: A 5 000 kr purchase, paid over 12 months will result in a total amount paid of 6 155,67 kr and an effective interest rate of 48,56%.